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Zoe and I founded Mustard and Gray in 2018 through our shared love of design and a desire to create.

We first met at Festival Number 6 at Portmeirion in North Wales in 2016. After two days of fabulous food, eclectic music and camping on a 45-degree slope, we formed the best of friendships. We became adventure buddies touring Europe and the UK whenever we could escape our day jobs. Campfire conversations set us on our new path of creating not only products we love but also a new way of life. Mustard and Gray was born in December 2018, and we spent the following year designing, planning and launching our small business.

Since its inception, Mustard and Gray has evolved into a homeware and stationery retailer and wholesaler. We are incredibly proud and excited to supply fantastic local retailers from Cornwall to California, Hawaii to Hamburg and Shetland to Singapore!

We make all we can with our small team in our Shropshire workshop, outsourcing to local companies or ethically sustainable suppliers when we need their expertise or capacity. We love what we do. We love designing, making, and working with independent retailers.

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